Welcome to the North Carolina Congregations


Thank you for visiting our Website.  We are local congregations of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association.

We are a Christian Church and follow the teachings of the Holy Bible.  Following the example of Jesus and the New Testament Church, our congregation worships on Saturday and observes the annual Holy Days which are recorded in Leviticus 23.  It is by observing these days that we more fully appreciate God’s plan of salvation for mankind and we prepare ourselves for service in the soon-coming Kingdom of God. If you would like to know more about us, We invite you to review our Fundamental Beliefs posted on our National Website: http://cogwa.org

We invite you to explore our website including various sermons given by our Pastor and Elders.  You may also enjoy reading our weekly updates.

If you believe that God is calling you to worship Him according to these Biblical instructions, We would be pleased to speak with you and answer questions you may have.

Ron Kelley, pastor

Raleigh, Greensboro & Hickory, NC
Telephone: 336-757-2305
  Email: Ron.Kelley@cogwa.org 
Eric Evans, pastor

  Asheville, NC, Knoxville, TN & London, KY 
Telephone: (865) 686-8627
Email: Eric.Evans@cogwa.org